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Growth through mobile marketing means finding customers in the right places and targeting them with a highly personalized strategy. The mobile industry is unpredictable, especially as marketing techniques evolve along with technology. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing digital adoption have shaped today’s most popular mobile marketing trends. Customers are used to the onslaught of weak marketing campaigns. Brands need to use multiple touchpoints to reflect customer behavior so that marketing messages are clear. In this post, we will talk about some of the best mobile marketing platform strategies for 2023.

Mobile marketing at a glance

Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Customer value has changed, and today’s customers expect a mobile-first strategy from the companies they love. Mobile apps are important to many consumers, but how customers use them is a unique experience for each individual.

As third-party cookies disappear from view, mobile apps are becoming essential tools for businesses. Apps are useful to customers because every message is personalized based on their engagement in the platform. They are provided with the content they like and can easily make in-app purchases.

That means apps are essential for marketers as well. Brands can now leverage third-party data and analyze customer behavior with ease. Marketers can then apply this information to optimize their content, products, and mobile apps.

Top 4 mobile marketing platform trends

Technology tools evolve rapidly, so keeping up with marketing trends is essential for companies with a mobile platform. Here are 4 mobile marketing strategies you should be using in 2023:

1. Focus on customer retention through daily interactions

The app market is becoming more and more saturated, and many businesses are starting to see the value of driving daily app interactions to retain customers. Address daily active users who rely on brand engagement via social media and advertising to attract and retain customers.

2. Leverage sentiment analysis to reduce churn

One of the best ways to improve your product offerings is to apply customer feedback. The good, the bad, and the bad can all be used to gain valuable product insights, make quick improvements, increase cash flow, and make more profits. One way businesses are leveraging customer feedback is through sentiment analysis.

Sentiment analysis is a natural language processing method for analyzing contextual data extracted from customer reviews, social media comments, and other content about your business. It is a way to turn qualitative terms and information into actionable data automatically.

For example, Avast used several tactics to collect customer feedback and prevent customer churn. They have collected feedback from their customers at several points in the customer journey, including a final feedback form for recently canceled accounts.

With the help of sentiment analysis, they can analyze and understand the reasons for the tendency to cancel quickly. The changes were rolled out faster than before, helping them achieve a 6% recovery rate and improved customer retention.

3. Drive engagement with behavior-based targeting

Mobile Marketing
Drive engagement with behavior-based targeting

Segmentation is a great way to increase the personalization of your marketing campaigns, but behavior-based targeting is having a moment. By learning about your customers through their actions online, you can provide them with “highly personalized experiences” that they can’t ignore. Brands that implemented behavior-targeted marketing methods improved conversion rates by 20% with push notifications.

There are many ways that marketers can implement behavioral targeting. For example, deliver content based on their previous likes, identify your brand’s target behaviors, and send emails when those behaviors are triggered. Discover how people love to interact with your brand and build on it.

4. Optimize the sales funnel by turning them upside down

Mobile Marketing
Optimize sales funnels by turning them upside down

Don’t waste time and effort on mobile marketing campaigns without clear goals. Beyond segmentation, enhance your mobile marketing strategy with targeted individuals, triggering marketing, and customer-focused interactions.

Top performers understand that a consistent process is critical to consistently making successful sales and bringing in more money. For example, instead of focusing on closing deals and meeting sales goals, the best mobile marketing platform helps businesses focus on each customer about their intent.

One way to hone your mobile marketing strategy is to turn your sales funnel upside down. Define what your target behavior is before process mapping. Optimize the customer journey so barriers, systems, or psychology are no longer an issue and your brand can be heard loud and clear.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for mobile marketing. But there are many techniques that companies are leveraging to increase daily active users, app engagement, and, of course, sales. Driving engagement, leveraging sentiment analysis, and using behavior-based triggers are trending mobile marketing techniques proven to increase customer retention products and improve strategy

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