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Content distribution is an important step in any marketing strategy. A Content Marketing Strategy can be highly effective, however, without clear goals, quality content, and a distribution plan, you are investing in a very low-return operation. According to a  report made by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 88% of businesses use content marketing. But only 55% of them said the delivery methods they used were effective. This is a big problem. In this article, we round up and share some of the biggest mistakes marketers can make when executing their Content Marketing Strategy plan.

 Content Marketing Strategy
Mistakes in Content Marketing Strategy

Mistake #1: Over-promising, under-performing

This is a major mistake of Content Marketing Strategy: catchy, click-through headlines lead readers to uninteresting content. This trend started in the media world, where publishers earn revenue for clicks and impressions. This is an incorrect type of content that most people consider a Content Marketing Strategy to be.

Assuming you want more than one click, you have to win the trust of anyone visiting your site from any other destination, be it a search or referral. Delivering the experience should be better than anything the person expected.

Mistake #2: Not solving the customer’s problem

Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy doesn’t solve customer problems

Often, content creators simply reuse ranking content without thinking about whether it’s relevant to the target audience they’re trying to capture. Keyword research is useful, but it only tells you what people search for. It is obvious but considers for a moment that people often look for solutions to small problems but have other methods to solve larger problems. 95% of customers take action to avoid viewing ads – of those, 55% cite uninteresting or irrelevant content as their problem. It is essential to give people what they are looking for, not what you think or want them to be interested in. Posting blog content about electric scooters is not going to get the attention of mountain bikers, no matter how well-optimized that content is.

The way to do this is to conduct thorough customer research, really understanding who your ideal buyer is, what their motivations are, and their desires and problems. Work with your marketing manager or team and develop some in-depth customer personas – by the end of the process, you’ll feel like you know these target audiences personally and find out. what they want to see or hear will be part of the cake

Mistake #3: Keyword stuffing

Content Marketing Strategy
Keyword stuffing mistakes in Content Marketing Strategy

Keyword stuffing used to be a very popular content marketing method because it worked. Over the years and after many algorithm updates, this was eventually flagged as spam by Google and other search engines. Unfortunately, it seems that there are still a lot of content marketers who still believe that keyword stuffing works.

Keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO tactic that won’t make your page rank higher. If you get this error, your site may be ranked lower or be shut down altogether. Whatever you want to rank for on search engines, remember that you must incorporate keywords into your website naturally. The text must be written in a natural way for your SEO efforts to be effective. Google is good at getting content marketers to choose to cram their pages.

The main goal of a search engine is to satisfy the user’s search intent. To please Google, you must first satisfy your users and make sure that your content can solve their problems.

Mistake #4: Content is not diverse

Variety is the spice of life. The same goes for content marketing strategy. You can have blog posts, infographics, slideshows, photos, videos, podcasts, and more. You can also encourage your marketing team to try user-generated content to spice it up.

If your target audience includes busy people who think time is money, the best content you can create is a podcast they can listen to on their way to work. But if your audience is more interested in reading, then blog posts, social media posts, and maybe infographics are for you. When you have a lot of content, your audience will notice and even the search engines will see and your website ranking will also improve in the search engine results pages. Nowadays, people love videos, especially social media live videos. So, to take your content marketing to the next level, you can try live video.

A successful Content Marketing Strategy requires an investment of time and money. In the age of top branded content, it’s become harder to cut through the noise and reach your customers. If you don’t deliver quality content on time and through the right channels, your readers may eventually leave you. That’s why you must think about your current content marketing strategy and check out the list above. If you make the same mistakes, ask yourself if they cost you money.

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