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A marketing strategy is like a car that will bring your brand to your marketing goals. Just like the engine of a car, a marketing messages doesn’t just take a few hours to design and develop. It takes time to craft meaningful marketing messages that keep customers engaged with your brand and drive your strategy to fruition.

In this post, we will discuss: What is a marketing message? Why is the marketing message important? And how to create compelling marketing messages?

What is a marketing message? Why is the marketing message important?

Marketing messages
Marketing messages

A marketing message is what you communicate to your customers to convince them to buy your product or use your service.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the marketing message is the engine of your marketing strategy. It supports your marketing strategy by helping you acquire new customers or turn existing customers into loyal customers.

Your marketing message helps to impress customers about your business. This is extremely important as it can lead customers to decide whether or not they will interact with your business.

In addition, your marketing message as well as a message to customers that your business offers solutions to their problems, your product or service is what they need. or not?

How to create compelling marketing messages?

Marketing messages
Create marketing messages

You only have one chance to tell customers about the unique benefits your product or service offers. To do this, you must craft the right marketing message that captures the attention of your target customers and convinces them to buy. Here are 5 steps to crafting a compelling marketing message.

1. Know who your customers are? Identify their needs and wants

The target audience should be at the heart of the marketing messages. To get to know them better, conduct market research and discussions to understand their needs, wants, and problems. Once you know more about your customers, try creating different audiences, so you can craft marketing messages that are tailored to each one.

2. Clarify your product’s value

Once you understand your customer’s problems, let them know what makes your product or service unique and different instead of choosing a competitor’s brand. Keep your customers’ problems and needs in mind when crafting your marketing message and presenting your product or service as the solution they need.

4. Short message

Your audience is being distracted by marketing messages from other competitors, so to make an impression your message must stand out. Make your message short and straight to the point of why your product or service is what the customer needs.

One of the examples of this marketing message is Lemonade,  one of the biggest digital insurance companies of the wave of Insurtech startups. When you visit Lemonade’s website, the first thing you see is their message: “Forget everything you know about insurance.” It’s simple and instantly creates appeal.

5. Customer focus

A common mistake brands make is writing a marketing message that focuses on their product. As businesses try to convince customers that they have a superior product to their competitors, the focus has shifted from the customer to their product. Therefore, always put the customer at the center of your marketing messages, and the product content is just the solution to their problems.

6. Evaluation and Adjustment

Once you start using your marketing message, monitor all your content and communication channels to see what works and what doesn’t. From there, make small changes and test which components convert best to make your message even more appealing to your customers.

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