5 ways to boost your Facebook Reach


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In the past, posting a link to your Facebook page could drive hundreds of clicks. But in recent years, social referrals have stagnated at about   5% of total traffic. An average Facebook post will reach just over 5 percent of your followers. With over 3.96 billion active users on social media users, the social media reach is still large. Facebook is a powerful marketing platform that helps you connect with new audiences to increase brand awareness. But knowing how to get the most out of this platform is not easy. So how do expand Facebook Reach and profit from it? The answer will be what we cover in this article.

5 way to boost Facebook Reach

What is Facebook Reach?

What does Facebook Reach mean?

 In social media the world, reach is just how many people you can reach with a post or profile. On Facebook, your reach represents the total number of people who see your post or page, regardless of whether they stop to interact or simply scroll through. Your reach refers to unique users, accounts, or devices that see your posts and pages for the first time.

Through Facebook Business Suite, Facebook pages give you access to analytics and insights, where you can see your reach and engagement rate. You’ll notice that these are measured over a specific period, usually with a default of 28 days. You can adjust your settings to search for a different time frame, but you can’t search for lasting reach or engagement.

Facebook Insights lets you see reach for both your Facebook page and individual posts, helping you determine where new reach might be coming from.

Factors affecting Facebook Reach

Many factors can affect Facebook Reach. Mostly, reach is influenced by how the Facebook algorithm works, which generally includes:

  • User interaction (from both followers and non-followers)
  • Content Formatting and Post Optimization Features
  • No Paid Posts or Paid Ads

3 main types of Facebook reach

Unpaid Facebook Reach

Organic Facebook reach is the most common type of reach and what most people focus on when building a Facebook page. Organic reach refers to the number of people who view your page or post completely organically without the help of paid advertising. The only way to build your organic reach is to build your account and work with the Facebook algorithm. Being successful can be a large challenge, but organic reach still offers great marketing potential.

Viral Facebook Reach

Viral reach on Facebook is what happens when users view your content as a result of other people interacting with it. When a user likes, comments on, or shares your post, the Facebook algorithm sends it to the people on their friend list. It means that people who are not already following you have a chance to see your content. Viral reach is driven by engagement, making strong engagement strategies on Facebook more essential than ever.

Paid Facebook Reach

Paid Facebook Reach

Facebook ADs Reach occurs when you place paid ads on the Facebook platform to aimed at targeting new audiences within a specific advertising budget. Facebook Ads allows you to reach new potential audiences with the Facebook algorithm and strategically place ads to attract relevant users. Paid ads typically deliver the highest visibility results along with enhanced performance metrics. While Facebook ads come at a cost, they are a valuable asset in your marketing toolbox and are worth a try as part of your marketing strategy.

5 ways to boost your Facebook Reach

Improving Facebook reach is the first step to successful Facebook marketing. More viewers lead to better brand awareness and more traffic to your pages and posts. Here are 5 tricks you can start using.

Optimize for your pages and content

Optimizing your Facebook page and posts can help you improve your app’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making your content easy to find for relevant users.

You can reuse content from other social media platforms, but you should change it up a bit to accommodate Facebook. Facebook is not a blog site for you to present long articles. Therefore, the content you convey should be short and straight to the point. Your written content should be detailed, engaging, and informative. Whenever possible, you try to include key terms which are relevant to your brand and content, including calls to action, that let users know how to interact with your post.

Be strategic with the schedule

Scheduling your Facebook content in advance can make it easy, saving you time in the long run. To start, consider your audience. Where are most of your followers? What is their personality type, and how often do they use the Facebook platform? Most importantly, when are your followers regularly online? Do they use Facebook throughout the day? Do they mainly surf in the morning and evening? To give your Facebook posts the best chance of success, try to schedule them on high-traffic days and times when more of your followers will be online to see them.

Combine your content types

To keep your content interested and convince the Facebook algorithm of its worth, combine it with other types of content. Try multiple formats and notice how different post types perform. Your Facebook content should cycle through your brand’s main content columns. You can share a text-only post or a post with an image or video. Furthermore, try Facebook Live to communicate directly with your customers.

Try Paid Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow you to target new audiences and increase your reach quickly, making them the opportunity to grow your platform. On Facebook, you can place ads to drive website traffic, promote your page to local users, or promote your Facebook page in general. You can also run ads for individual posts or use ads that automatically change depending on ad performance.

Facebook community building

Expand Facebook Reach by building community

Community building is an essential part of being successful on social media. There are many ways to do this on Facebook. Consider what’s important to your followers and how you can share posts that give them value. When users comment on your Facebook content, remember to respond and engage. Facebook groups are also another good way to build your network and foster a sense of community.

Expanding your Facebook reach shouldn’t be too difficult if you understand how they work and have a concrete plan for what you’ll do to increase Page Reach.

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