5 ways to use Google display ads to maximize sales


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What is Google display ads?
What are Google Display Ads?

In the world of paid media advertising, there are many channels and platforms for marketing teams to take advantage of. From paid search advertising to social media advertising, the paid channel options for getting your brand, products, and services in front of your target audience are limitless. In particular, Google Display Ads can be used for every aspect of marketing strategy, including brand awareness, product or service promotion, as well as converting past visitors to your website through remarketing. Let’s learn about display ads in the article below.

What are Google Display Ads?

Display Ads are a method of getting the audience of a website, social media platform, or another digital medium to take a specific action. These are typically text, image, or video-based ads that encourage users to click through to a landing page and take action.

Most display and online advertising campaigns are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Meaning, every time a user on a search engine clicks on your ad, you’ll be charged an amount based on your overall bidding strategy.

Google Display Ads can also be used for retargeting campaigns. This is where ads are shown to users who have visited a particular website. The goal is to “retarget” and encourage them to return to the site to take the same action.

Why Use Google Display Ads?

Benefits of Google Display Ads

The Google Display campaign types are generally considered the “easy to get” ad types for eCommerce. While people actively searching for your items are likely to buy the most, that doesn’t mean you should skip Google Display Ads. Here are some of its benefits:

Reach a large audience

Display ads can be used to reach a global audience across 35 million websites and apps, as well as across Google-owned domains (YouTube and Gmail). This allows you to reach a wider audience.

Create a campaign based on your goals

Build awareness and attention for your company, product, or service, or increase sales, leads, and website traffic. Google Display Ads work best when they are created to accomplish specific business goals.

For example, you might want to run a campaign around seasonal discounts or provide an incentive for people to make a certain number of purchases with your brand. Or maybe you want to target people who recently visited your website with a 20% off coupon code for their next purchase.

Leverage technology and automation

Google’s Display Ads campaigns leverage targeting, bidding, and formatting machine learning solutions to reach new or existing audiences. They are designed for simplicity of use. This can support your campaign and deliver the best campaign results.

Some other benefits:

  • Targeting: You can target audiences by geography, gender, age, and interests using Google’s machine learning technologies.
  • Bidding: Get a higher ad rate than competitive platforms by bidding for impressions in the dynamic auction format. This strategy ensures you’ll show your ad when someone searches for your product or service.
  • Format: You can choose from still images or multimedia formats like videos and animated GIFs to attract visitors and increase conversions.

5 ways to use Google display ads to maximize sales

Use your most effective keywords

Referring potential customers to your company through keyword targeting is a great idea. We recommend starting with the top-performing search terms if you’re curious but not sure where to look. If there are a few terms that are consistently getting organic visits or conversions on the search network, why not try them out on the display network?

Adjust bids if needed

After running display ads for a while, you’ll have enough information to make informed performance judgments about which keywords are performing well. You’ll also identify which custom affinity audiences are performing poorly… The ability to make bid adjustments at the ad group or campaign level gives you the basis for turning performance analysis into choices to choose a strategy.

Check your referral traffic

Check Google Display Ads Traffic

There is a lot of useful information in Google Analytics. The referral traffic report is quite useful for display advertisers. It tells you which sites connect with you the most. In other words, it tells you which sites are targeting users who might see your products or services.

Focus on your value proposition.

Because people are so used to seeing display ads, potential customers can easily glance at your ads without noticing them. Your display ads must appeal to your target demographic to avoid wasted opportunities and money.

Ad conversion tracking

You’ve spent considerable time and money on a Google Display Ads campaign, so you want to know that the ads are doing well. But how can you tell if they are working or not? Use conversion tracking to understand your ad performance and make real-time adjustments as needed. This is especially useful for testing new ideas or targeting audiences based on past behavior. This is also important because conversions are one of Google’s top metrics to determine if an ad campaign is successful.

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