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Google is one of the most preferred advertising platforms in the world. The Google advertising network was born as Google Adwords in October 2000, nearly two years after Google became the most popular website. The platform was renamed Google Ads in 2018 and is one of the most popular ad networks among marketers.

Advertising on Google is one thing, and creating a lasting impression on end users with your ad campaign is quite another. More and more advertisers are bidding on popular keywords, which has made marketers more competitive in creating Google Ads campaigns. Here are 6 examples of the most effective Google Ads Campaigns that can inspire a solution to build a Google Ads campaign for your business.

What makes an effective Google Ads campaign?

Every Google Ads campaign consists of two distinct stages: Pre-click and post-click.

  • Pre-Click Stage: Everything your customer sees before clicking on your ad
  • Post-click stage: The landing page experience a user sees after clicking on your ad

When creating an ad campaign, many digital marketers focus too narrowly on just optimizing the ad (the pre-click phase). A great Google Ads campaign also builds an engaging post-click experience that convinces customers to stay, learn, and ultimately convert. The difference between a perfect Google Ads campaign and other ad campaigns is that they focus more on the post-click phase.

As you’ll see in the examples below, these companies optimize the post-click experience by building tactics that drive conversions, such as:

Personalization: Ads and landing pages provide a tailored experience for each audience segment.

  • Message Match: Ads and landing pages reinforce the same selling points.
  • Conversion-focused design: Design a post-click landing page that achieves a specific goal.
  • Focus on conversions: Product landing pages are used in place of typical product pages.
  • Persuasive copy: Post-click pages with interest-driven headlines and compelling CTAs.
  • 1:1 conversion rate: Each landing page directs users to just one CTA.
  • Readability: The page design has a clear visual hierarchy.

By using this tactic, advertisers can seamlessly blend the pre- and post-click stages, creating a seamless path to purchase. Optimizing the post-click experience will not only improve the customer journey but also increase conversion rates.

Six brands successfully implemented Google Ads campaigns


Endy is a brand that sells box mattresses from Canada. The DTC mattress industry has grown thanks to the success of Casper, which has spawned dozens of major competitors. To stand out, Endy focused on personalizing the pre- and post-click experience for Canadian audiences.

Here’s Endy’s ad for the search “mattress”:

Endy Google ads campaigns
Endy Google Ads Campaigns

Endy’s ad is convincing because it:

  • Personalize your message to your audience (“Best Mattress in Canada”)
  • Got a Hot Offer (“Get a Free Blanket”)
  • Show social proof (“6.387 Reviews”)
  • You will arrive at this post-click landing page with the same range of offers by clicking on the ad.

The page also highlights lots of positive testimonials from other Canadian shoppers:

Endy Google ads campaigns

Here’s how their landing page stands out:

  • Match the message with the ad (“Get a Free Blanket”)
  • Personalized for the audience (“Canadians love the Endy brand”)
  • Promote to landing page instead of product page
  • Offer a fantastic, limited-time offer (“Add a blanket to your pack — FREE”)


Shopify is an e-commerce platform for businesses of all sizes. They offer integrated, standalone online stores. Thereby turning existing websites into e-commerce sites, point-of-sale systems, and other services help businesses sell their products anywhere. The wide range of products and their customers require them to effectively segment their ads and audiences.

Shopify Google Ads Campaigns
Shopify Google Ads Campaigns

This ad is focused on small businesses. Ad extensions highlight potential concerns for first-time e-commerce business owners, like how to register a domain or how to sell handmade products online. The post-click landing page has a message:

Shopify Google ads campaigns

Shopify’s message is clear and to the point. “Create an online store with Shopify. Everything you need to sell online. Trusted by 1,000,000 businesses worldwide.” Below is a free trial form that makes signing up easy. Contrasting this is the advertisements for “e-commerce platform businesses” :

Shopify Google ads campaigns
Shopify Google Ads Campaigns

This ad copy addresses concerns common to more complex or established businesses. Benefits like “up to 18% higher conversion rates” and “unlimited employee accounts” suggest these ads are targeted at large companies looking to grow their businesses. Shopify’s landing page is completely different. The use of dark colors and the minimalist design and copywriting all convey a different message. The header focuses on customization and conversions. The following sections focus on compelling statistics to reinforce conversion messages. They also reinforce the “unlimited bandwidth” message from pre-click ads:

Shopify Google ads campaigns

Shopify does a lot of things right on their Google Ads campaigns:

  • Ads are segmented by audience
  • Personalized landing pages for each audience segment
  • Effective message matching


Wealthsimple is a Fintech Company from Canada, targeting millennials. As their name suggests, their message focuses on how easy it is to invest through their platform.

Here’s an example from Wealthsimple for the “best stock trading app”:

Wealthsimple Google ads campaigns
Wealthsimple Google Ads Campaigns

Ads are appealing for several reasons:

  • It is targeted at Canadians (“Canadian $0 Fee Trading App”)
  • Ad copy and ad extensions address two concerns of potential customers: Commissions and how much they need to invest.

Wealthsimple’s post-click landing page has a title that reinforces the “Commission Free” message from the ad:

Wealthsimple Google ads campaigns

Overall, this Google Ads campaign is special because:

  • Have a clear value proposition
  • Matched value proposition informs through pre- and post-click stages
  • Powerful imagery is purposefully used to reinforce the message
  • Have a clear and single call to action


Docebo is a SaaS learning management system (LMS). Companies use their products to create e-learning programs for employees, partners, and customers. Here are Docebo’s ads for the keyword search “learning management systems” as well as some of their competitors’ ads:

Docebo Google ads campaigns
Docebo Google Ads Campaigns

The ad takes the user to the landing page after the click. This landing page is all about conversions. The title has a clear value proposition, four product benefits, a promotional video, and a form to contact an expert.

Docebo Google ads campaigns

The landing page also features social proof elements including logos and product reviews from popular brands that have used Docebo.

Docebo Google ads campaigns

Like Shopify, Docebo has a business-focused landing page linked with ads for the search “enterprise LMS software”. Overall, Docebo’s advertising campaign is attractive because:

  • Ad copy with an emotional appeal (“LMS system you will love using”)
  • They segment their audience (business or non-business)
  • Personalized landing pages for each audience segment
  • Landing page using 1:1 conversion (one form, no external links)
  • Effective and engaging video
  • Customer reviews provide social proof.


Zendesk is a well-known customer support software platform. A lot of businesses in different fields use their products. Therefore, they have a wide range of customers. Here’s an example of a Zendesk ad for “customer support software”:

Zendesk Google ads campaigns
Zendesk Google Ads Campaigns

Post-click ads and landing pages highlighting the free trial of Zendesk:

Zendesk Google ads campaigns

Similar to Shopify landing pages, the only thing visitors can do on this page is to sign up for a free trial. Although this post-click landing page is short, it has a clear value proposition, a compelling CTA, and social proofs.

While it’s generally a good idea to send ads to landing pages, it’s difficult (or impossible) for Zendesk to know the intent or personality of each user searching for their brand. However, Zendesk solves this by formatting its homepage like a landing page, directing visitors primarily to sign up for a free trial.

Overall, Zendesk’s advertising campaign is effective because:

  • Simple “Free Trial” CTA
  • Landing pages are segmented
  • Design focused on conversions, no clutter
  • Optimize campaigns from start to finish

An effective Google Ads campaign requires personalized, segmented ads with thoughtful messaging between the pre-click and post-click stages.

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