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The rise of user-generated content in e-commerce is rapidly surpassing all other forms of marketing as they greatly influence purchasing decisions. Almost everyone trusts people more than brands. User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most useful forms of free marketing an e-commerce business can claim: authentic, trusted content created by users and influencers Create, and share reviews, images, and videos of your brand’s products online.

What is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User-Generated Content
User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a way to get more content and generate more revenue for brands. Some of the most impactful content for brands can be customer-submitted content in the form of hashtags, positive reviews, brand photography, and social shares. UGC is any consumer-generated content about a brand shared across social media platforms.

Recently, due to the diversity of media platforms, social media is easily accessible to everyone and thus, consumers can easily create content on behalf of the brand. Consumers can give honest reviews about a brand they have used.

Benefits of User-Generated Content (UGC) for Brands

Benefits of user-generated content for brands
Benefits of user-generated content for brands

There are several benefits of user-generated content for everyone, especially for brands. UGC is a cost-effective way that brands to engage in advertising. Advertising work can be done by anyone and this is due to the advent of media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Some of the benefits of UGC for brands include:

UGC influences customer buying patterns and has a strong impact on purchasing behavior. UGC can determine what, how, why, and when customers will purchase from a particular brand. With UGC, some pictures and videos show the items people want to buy. There are also honest reviews given by customers and this can affect another customer who may or may not purchase from a particular brand. Undoubtedly, in recent times, before making a purchase, customers want to see photos, videos, or reviews of similar items, and most customers find photos of the items they want from others. A recent survey found that customers find photos from other consumers more valuable than photos from brands.

It is estimated that 21% of millennials would not purchase without visual UGC. This shows that UGC is highly relevant in every brand. By using UGC, businesses can brag about influencers using their brand and can create more products to match consumer needs. UGC optimization is also free, and you can simply encourage your customers to consistently share photos and submit positive reviews of the items they’ve purchased.

7 reasons why user-generated content is needed ASAP

7 reasons why you need to build user-generated content
7 reasons why you need to build user-generated content

User-generated content campaigns reach a larger audience in less time. UGC campaigns are extremely effective in digital marketing. Every brand needs to implement UGC in their business marketing strategies as they are very beneficial. Here are some reasons why brands incorporate user-generated content in their marketing strategy:

  • When consumers take an active role in promoting the brands they already use, other consumers will be convinced and more likely to buy from the same brand. Thanks to UGC, customers are now active consumers because they are no longer passive consumers lured by TV advertisements and billboards.
  • UGC significantly increases brand awareness and popularity among customers and potential customers.
  • UGC also builds consumer trust when they get recommendations from people (influencers) they can trust and give their opinion on.
  • Through UGC, brands can attract a wide range of people who are willing to become advocates or ambassadors for a particular brand.
  • Again, with UGC, consumers of a particular brand feel they are part of a community that appreciates them and pays attention to their honest reviews.
  • Customer reviews expand your SEO efforts and help brands rank higher.
  • Build brand awareness and user engagement.

How to get user-generated content?

Getting content is pretty straightforward. It’s important to encourage your consumers to share pictures of the products they buy from you. UGC isn’t just about visuals, it’s about sharing positive reviews, using hashtags, and showcasing your brand to family, friends, and their followers on our social platforms. surname.

A brand can also include user-generated content in its marketing strategy using the services of influencers. These influencers have a huge following and as such, they can create content that is very important for your brand. So by including user-generated content in your marketing strategy, you can increase your sales.

By including user-generated content in your marketing strategy, they add an element of authenticity to your brand. This is because real people, who may or may not be known by potential customers, are recommending a particular brand and with this, potential consumers trust your brand. Including user-generated content can essentially make all the difference in your sales as it drives website traffic, and increases sales, and conversions. Simply, user-generated content elevates brands and increases sales.

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