7 YouTube Video Marketing mistakes every brands should avoid


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When it comes to YouTube Video Marketing mistakes, it’s not enough just to upload videos and hope people see them. If you want your videos to get results, you have to promote them effectively. To keep up with the growing popularity of digital video, you need to be creative in using this medium to promote your brand and promote videos on Youtube and much more! And, of course, businesses often make a number of mistakes that damage their revenue, brand, and even reputation. In this article, we’ll take a look at those mistakes and explain why they can affect your YouTube video marketing strategy.

Youtube Video Marketing Mistakes
Youtube Video Marketing Mistakes

Top 7 Youtube Video Marketing Mistakes

1. No featured content

Marketing videos on Youtube has become easy because video editing and creation software is available to everyone. You can even get a video maker app on your phone, which means you can start video marketing at any time. However, don’t assume that video marketing is the next step in your company’s marketing plan just because you can create video content with ease. See what your brand is, and what you’re trying to sell. Posting random videos you’ve made to your business account will result in videos that don’t serve a specific marketing purpose and they won’t benefit your business. Some off-topic videos can confuse viewers about your company’s work. Besides, video marketing is increasingly competitive, as video platforms like TikTok become popular. Therefore, businesses must pay more attention to building content for their brand.

2. Paying too much attention to meaningless stats

One of the most common mistakes companies make in YouTube video marketing is paying attention to video views. Of course, measuring video views is important, but video views aren’t the only video metric you should measure. You also need to pay attention to video engagement statistics, such as video likes and comments, and video conversions (important metrics to your business). This all goes back to the goal of video marketing, which you should define before you start producing videos. This is where video views and video conversions meet video SEO (keyword research) and video analytics tools like Google Analytics or social video analytics platforms.

3. Don’t do keyword research for video SEO

Keyword research is YouTube video marketing that focuses on video SEO, which involves finding video keywords to target. You can also consider video SEO as a type of video content creation since you should use video keywords in your video title and description. For example, if you’re creating a cooking video, you should include words like “recipe,” “video recipe,” and “how-to video.” It can be easy to forget this, but video keywords are important because video search is video SEO.

4. Don’t understand how YouTube video marketing is different from regular video

Youtube video marketing is a video marketing strategy that is usually paid by a business to use a video advertising platform and display the video in front of as many people as possible. The reason video marketing mistakes can happen is that video ads are different, but video marketers aren’t always aware of those differences. This leads them to make video marketing mistakes like thinking that the video viewing threshold is the same across multiple platforms.

5. Do not add a call to action in the video

Youtube Video Marketing CTA Mistakes

The most overlooked part of every sales message is the call-to-action (CTA). That’s because CTAs are difficult to write, they require focus and effort. But if you don’t have a compelling reason for your readers to click on your CTA (call to action), they won’t. Video marketers should add a call to action to videos as it can help video content creators increase video shares and video conversions. You want your viewers and potential customers to engage with your content to reach deeper and start a relationship with any potential customers. The more views your video gets, the more backlinks video content creators can build to video sites. Calls to action can be anything from asking viewers to subscribe to links to other videos or products, to asking them to answer questions in the comments. All of these will help increase video rankings and aid your video SEO efforts

6. Ignore audience comments

Youtube Video Marketing Mistakes

Ignoring those audience comments is a common mistake you can make as a business. Because, if you miss what people are saying, you will never understand the problems they are having. You never know where to improve your product or service to better serve your customers. And if you don’t ask questions, you’re missing out on a potent tool that can help you identify potential problems and opportunities.

7. Inconsistent Marketing Methods

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is inconsistent marketing. They try to do everything themselves instead of outsourcing and paying others to do things they are not capable of doing. When running a profitable business, it’s important to know when outside help is needed. Outsourcing can be a perfect marketing method for your business, as well as for all of your company’s online video advertising campaigns.

When it comes to YouTube video marketing, you first need to create unique, fresh, and helpful content. You need to build valuable content that people will share, like, and subscribe to. Once you’ve created high-quality and engaging content, to promote it, it’s best to build an audience and actively nurture these relationships.

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