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e-commerce website
E-commerce website setting

With more than 2 billion digital users globally, developing an e-commerce website is a great business idea, if not necessary. But creating an outstanding online store between competitors is not only related to beautiful design and good SEO. Admittedly, there is no popular feature or design option to ensure success for your online store, however, when setting up an e-commerce website, you should not ignore some needs: general bridge and even the desired features. If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business and selling products online, then we have summarized the list of features to note to ensure your online store operates successfully.

Payment options

When you are new to an e-commerce website, it consists of all potential payment alternatives that may be too much, but this helps you expand the payment limit, and meet the needs of a lot of customers.

e-commerce website
E-commerce website payment options

In addition to the online payment options, you also need to consider and decide whether to collect money when receiving goods (COD) is important for your business. For COD, there are a few things to consider:

  • How to receive cash after delivery?
  • How to refund money in case of a return?
  • Do you want to set some minimum order value to provide COD options?
  • Verify customers for COD payments to avoid abuse.

It is important to memorize the above factors to streamline your payment process and avoid all risks that occur in the future. You can enhance customer shopping motivation by calculating their payment options, leading to an increase in sales for a long time.

Shipping Process

Your shipping process should be established by memorizing several things like the product, and delivery time, … For example, if you are producing glass or ceramics you need to be careful while Shipping because they are easy to break.

Some other things to consider are as follows:

  • You will also need to pay attention to the carriers needed to deliver goods to your customers.
  • When choosing the carrier, think about the goods you will transport and their weight as well as the type of goods, the location you will transport, the expenses related, and the tracking option that will be available.
  • Provide your customers with different shipping options including shipping speed and other prices, providing as many options as possible.

Another important thing to remember is that most shipping companies work with a limitation. Typically, all companies have a list of similar limited products. Therefore, you should look through these things in case you are planning to transport internationally.

Safety and security of e-commerce website

As an e-commerce business, you store a large amount of data about your products and users register to buy on your website. All violations of this data make your business a risk, the contact information of potential customers may be stolen or you may lose the necessary data permanently.

Not long ago, Google began to attach a flag of websites without SSL certificates and HTTPS protocol. This is not just a suggestion or warning, without these two components, users will not be able to access the websites and if your certificate expires, you are at risk of losing possible orders.

Web search and filtering function

Setting up filters in your product portfolio is also a good way to provide users with a quick and convenient to navigate through your products.

Determine the aspects of to filter

Users will be able to find products and content faster thanks to the filter and comprehensive aspect. On the other hand, too many unrelated options can be confusing. You should take the time to carefully select your categories and values while ensuring adjusting your aspects to suit your specific business segment and user segment. Consider the following questions before deciding on the right aspects for your e-commerce website:

  • Data of the aspects available?
  • Will filters be a range or a value? For example Price, the number of ratings, or any such attributes are different for each SKU. And, if these filters are deployed in the form of single values, it will lead to a large number of filter values. Finally, this will make the filters unusable for customers.
  • Choosing more or choosing an application is suitable?

Determine aspects to arrange

Most operating users can go deep to find exactly what they are looking for using filters and aspects. On the other hand, many new or more passive users will most likely want to explore larger content. Arranging is an essential part of this process because it allows users to arrange content based on the most important factors for them, increasing the ability to find relevant results. Therefore, you must choose the appropriate aspects to arrange.

Customer support

e-commerce website
Support customers on e-commerce website

The support department will assist customers in shipping, payment, return of goods, and other issues. To contact and support customers, some important aspects to consider are:

  • Do you want to support customers 24/7 or for a limited time?
  • Do you want to include other options and phone numbers such as Zalo, and Facebook Messenger chat buttons? Also, while including phone numbers, you have to think about whose number you are, especially when you do not have a specialized customer service team. A member of the group can receive calls within a definite time, otherwise, customers will become disappointed and the brand will lose its reputation.
  • Do you want to deploy a live chat option?

Pay for guests

Before buying, many e-commerce websites now require users to register and create accounts. Although this is useful because it allows you to communicate and monitor your customers, it is not what customers want to do. Customers want to make all the anonymous and quick transactions as possible.

Customers do not have to fill in personal information pages before buying with payment features for customers. According to experts, so many people can order, which helps increase the conversion rate and eliminate barriers to mathematics.

To effectively deploy guests’ payment features on an e-commerce website, consider the following aspects:

  • Customer verification: verify the mobile phone number and customer address before shipping products for them. This process is very important, especially for COD orders. If not, the guest’s payment feature can be used for fake and fraudulent orders.
  • Optional “Cancel Ord”: You should think of a way to give them the option to cancel the order. In this way, customers who have chosen to pay for customers can cancel their orders easily.
  • Monitoring orders: An e-commerce website needs to provide order tracking for customers who have ordered via the web. This improves customer satisfaction because they will be able to track their orders effectively.

Content of the catalog (including images & videos)

Buyers want to see the product from many different angles and those who use it in different contexts. They want to be able to enlarge the product and feel it. It is essential to consider the image for images. According to Adobe, the images that do not download or take too much time to download will have an ignorance rate of consumers is 39%.

 e-commerce website
Product image on e-commerce website

Some of the important factors to note for the list of the list are:

  • Each product must be displayed on e-commerce websites.
  • Photos need high resolution and optimized to load pages.
  • Make sure you have enough pictures and videos ready to use on your e-commerce website first.

Return policy

A refund policy is an essential feature of any e-commerce website. Some important things to consider are:

  • Do you want to allow back and refund?
  • What is the refund process for customers? If the order is COD, how will you refund cash? Do you want to refund cash or bank accounts?
  • Your refund policy must be written or illustrated clearly and easily visible. This is another feature of building the trust of online sales.

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