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CHERVON Group was established in 1993. After more than 25 years of continuous efforts. The Group has become a multinational enterprise with systems of research centers, design and testing centers in regions such as North America, Europe, Australia and China, etc. . In addition, it plays a decisive role in the global power tool industry. Currently, the group has more than 6,000 employees throughout the system and more than 300 engineers from many countries around the world, Germany, USA, Japan, etc. to provide completely new technologies and tooling solutions top electricity.

Currently, the group owns 2 factories in China, 1 factory in Germany and especially, 1 factory specializing in battery production with 100% German battery technology. In Asian countries, the power tools that are imported and used domestically are products that are commonly produced for all European and American markets… However, these power tools are usually quite large in size. Not suitable for Asians, the machine is easy to heat, not suitable for tropical climates, reducing the machine’s life. Therefore, the Chervon Group launched the Devon brand in 2003 – an industrial power tool brand exclusively for the Asian market.

In Vietnam market, international handy mechanical equipment of Chervon Group in China, exclusively distributed by Song Ma company in 2018.

The big problem for Devon is facing fierce competition from many big brands like Bosch, Makita, other Chinese brands…

Devon is manufactured with advanced technology, is quality tested and meets the technical requirements in the field of construction. However, with quality comes a price. Devon is considered to have a high price compared to other drills of the same line imported from China. Besides, outsourcing from Chinese factories is also an obstacle because of Vietnamese people’s habit of buying and using products. Most customers are not interested in choosing Chinese brands.

Understanding that mentality, Clover planned a detailed Marketing plan for Devon to cover the building materials market in Vietnam. Clover also refrains from mentioning that Devon is outsourced and manufactured in China. On the other hand, it strongly hit the Vietnamese’s preference for foreign goods, referring to another German-based factory of Chervon.

Results: After 6 months, Devon has built a nationwide network of wholesalers and suppliers with more than 20 suppliers in each province. Revenue is mainly from online advertising with a growth rate of 30% and revenue of VND 17 billion/year.

Marketing channel: SEM, Forum Seeding, PR articles, product review videos, Fanpage, Key Visuals, Landing Page

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