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In early 2021, the Orifood brand was transferred by Red Sun International Trade & Investment Joint Stock Company to Nhat Lam Import-Export & Trading Service Co., Ltd – a strategic ingredient distributor for more than 200 restaurants. around the country. Currently, all Orifood product lines are available at major supermarket chains such as Vinmart, Big C, Coop, … and more than 1000+ mini supermarkets nationwide.

Orifood holds the exclusive know-how from two famous restaurant chains, King BBQ and Hotpot Story. Orifood is constantly developing new products related to convenient hot pot sets, kimchi of all kinds, etc. In addition, Orifood is also deploying other imported food lines such as potatoes, fresh milk, canned food.

Orifood brings the culinary quintessence of all countries around the world fully converged in each product to help customers enjoy safely and conveniently at home.

Orifood’s goal is to change user habits, from going to a restaurant to enjoy delicious food to ordering and enjoying food at home.

Due to some limitations and effects of the epidemic. Orifood only partially implemented the MKT plan on Orifood’s official Fanpage and Zalo Ads channel.

With KEY MESSAGE: GO HOME – I KEEP US, Clover has succeeded in a marketing campaign to change users’ habits with positive results. After launching the Campaign, Orifood has increased its revenue by 180% compared to the previous months.

Marketing channel: Fanpage, Zalo ads

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