Make it Pop with Ovaltine Crunchy Pop!

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Ovaltine is a well-known nutritional drink brand belonging to the Swiss company Wander AG founded in 1904. Most of Ovaltine’s products use extracts of barley, milk and cocoa, supplemented with vitamins and minerals. essential for children’s development. In 1909 Ovaltine chose the UK as a place to focus on investment and development to promote its products after having exported its products to many countries.

In Vietnam Ovaltine is a product of nutritional drink line for children. Because the audience is mainly children, Ovaltine prioritizes the quality factor in its advertising campaigns.

In 2021, Ovaltine launches Cacao-flavored Crunchy Pop imported from Thailand. Clover is proud to be the media chosen to accompany Ovaltine in this new product launch campaign.
Clover’s strategy is to emphasize the sensation of enjoying this novel sprinkle. The new Crunchy Pop candy from Ovaltine has a delicious, crunchy chocolate flavor that is both familiar and strange, giving you an enjoyable eating experience. Besides the familiar taste of Ovaltine, Crunchy Pop is also a nutritional supplement (Calcium). The product is suitable for eating at leisure or for energy

In addition, Clover wants to tell the children: “Crunchy For Fun, Creative ways to eating” – Enjoying Cruchy Pop is so much fun! There are many ways to eat Crunchy Pop, let’s be creative and experiment!
Delicious chocolate flavor, crunchy feeling when eating in the mouth. The “pop” sound brings interesting feelings, can be eaten alone or used with other dishes such as ice cream, sandwich, drink, fruit, … are delicious.
With the key message “Ovaltine sprinkles – Crispy umbrellas” Ovaltine really resonated in this promotional campaign.

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