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OVALTINE OFFER – A procession of a thousand fortunes
Ovaltine is a famous nutritional drink brand belonging to the Swiss company Wander AG, established in 1904. In Vietnam, Ovaltine is a product of a line of nutritional drinks for children. Because the audience is mainly children, Ovaltine prioritizes the quality factor in its advertising campaigns.

At the end of 2021, when Covid was brought under control in the South and the North began to blockade, the people of Hanoi did everything possible to keep each other safe. The measures needed to control the pandemic have disrupted the global economy. The pandemic has also changed consumers’ shopping habits and behavior markedly. This leads to customers’ buying behavior starting to change, from buying in person to buying online. In that context, Clover and Ovaltine launched the campaign “Love Milk Station” to send health, peace and a new year 2022 full of energy and fortune.

Insight: Tet is an opportunity for everyone to gather together, but because of the Covid-19 epidemic, it is difficult for people to meet and exchange words of love at a close distance. Ovaltine will be a gift of health for everyone to send love to each other at this special time through the program of Loving Milk Station in Hanoi and Microsite Tet.
At the end of the campaign, Tet sales increased 6 times over the same period last year.

Thanks to the insight, Ovaltine’s campaign has created a space to experience Tet full of good meaning of a long-standing traditional custom.
The seamless experience and the continuous repetition of campaign information across platforms in a concise and interesting way has helped the brand increase the chances of experiencing and interacting with users. At the same time, contribute to attaching products to the entire campaign naturally, without force

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