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Paseo® Tissues, the world’s third largest international tissue brand in terms of sales. Paseo products are available in select markets in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Paseo tissues are heavily concentrated in the western United States, where sales rates are highest and continue to be second in this region.

Surprisingly, despite its resounding success in the international market, for the Vietnamese market PASEO is still a very unfamiliar name to consumers. Vietnamese consumers buy tissues based on habits and do not really care about the quality and classification of tissues such as: (tissue paper, toilet paper, ..) leading to consumers using paper towels. not meet safety and quality standards. It is difficult to calculate which type of paper best suits the needs of Vietnamese customers. In addition, domestic paper manufacturing enterprises have accounted for more than 90% of the market share.

The bright spot of the household paper product line is that the growth rate is still good in recent years. Despite the growth, the domestic paper market still has many gaps. The average paper consumption rate per capita of Vietnamese people is 0.8kg/person/year. Compared with the world average 4.2kg/person/year and is expected to increase by 5.4kg/person/year (in 2018) and 10kg/person/year (in 2030). Mr. Vu Ngoc Bao, Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association said that “even the consumption of 10kg/person/year of Vietnamese people is still too little compared to the paper consumption of Americans”. 24kg/person/year and 15kg/person/year in Western Europe.

Currently, there are about 100 paper manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam, but there are more than 96% small and medium enterprises. Outdated technology does not guarantee hygiene and safety. This is a playground for businesses with powerful resources because consumers are increasingly demanding and care more about health.

Analyzing and understanding the habits of paper towel consumers in Vietnam, Clover realized that consumers often seek information through the following sources:

  • Word of mouth: they receive information from people around them, such as relatives, friends, colleagues. This is the source of information they trust the most.
  • Sources of commercial information: Customers will know and find products through TVC, newspapers, magazines, agents, salespeople, social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, etc.
  • Finally, my own experience.

In 2019, the social network continues to grow with 62 million users (accounting for 64% of Vietnam’s population, up to 7% compared to 2018). The number of accounts using social networks on mobile also increased by 16% compared to last year. With great influence, social networks are now a popular communication tool of almost all Vietnamese businesses.

Youtube and Facebook have become the most active social networks in Vietnam. To choose a single channel to go through with Paseo, Clover chose Facebook as an important partner to promote the campaign to increase brand awareness for PASEO paper. With key message: PASEO – CLEAN ANYTIME, PROTECT EVERYWHERE. Clover wants PASEO’s customers to have a better impression of the brand as well as to begin to pay attention to and learn the knowledge of choosing and using paper towels safely and suitable for their intended use.

Marketing Channel: Facebook FanPage

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