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Saigon Technology University (English: Saigon Technology University) is an educational service business establishment in Vietnam established under the Decision No. 798/QD-TTg dated September 24, 1997 of the Prime Minister

“Student Impression” – one of the large-scale online contests held annually by Saigon University of Technology (STU), this is considered a stepping stone for the 2021 enrollment season.

Campaign objective: Create a fun environment, retain student memories and relieve some of the pressure for seniors. Collect large amounts of real data of potential customers through voluntarily leaving information. Expand the game scale, thereby enhancing brand recognition with customers. Increase prestige and rank for Fanpage. Effectively prevent fraudulent acts, such as spam, nick clone, … to ensure the fairness of the game. Control the winning rate and the number of gifts.

This requires STU to build a Landing Page with many functions suitable to the tastes of young people and can handle a huge amount of data in a short time.
Clover is pleased to accompany STU to successfully organize the contest “Impress the age of students” and to continue that success in 2022, the school will continue to organize the contest to attract many new students to participate.

Marketing channel: Fanpage, Landing Page

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