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First launched in 1998, the XL7 was the first generation to use the platform from Suzuki’s famous Grand Vitara SUV. This is a popular SUV model in the US and was awarded the Best Buy award by Consumers Digest magazine. This model has been sold more than 100,000 units per year in the US market. In 2006, the XL7 is considered a step forward in the sport utility vehicle that continues to dominate the market that Grand Vitara created. In 2019, XL7 continues to resonate when “reviving” a completely new three-row seven-seat crossover with the SUV design and convenience of MPV. The masculine front end and protective contours certainly bring the durability of an SUV.

Although officially present in the Vietnamese market in 1996, after more than 21 years of operation, Suzuki seems to be becoming more and more “exhausted” compared to other big brands. Suzuki has not really impressed customers in Vietnam, so Suzuki wants to adopt this XL7 product line to change its brand positioning.

Suzuki Vietnam General Director Mr. Takahara said: “This year will be a very memorable year for us as it marks the 25th anniversary of the company’s establishment in Vietnam, but COVID-19 has made everyone into an unpredictable situation. We have thought very carefully about what to do at this time and have come to the decision to launch the all-new XL7 as a flagship model and a symbol of revival. While we are all facing tough times right now, it’s also why we want our customers to feel that the XL7 is the car that takes you out of your current predicament.”

With key message “The All New! XL7” ready for a new start, XL7 is the flagship model, symbolizing the revival. Suzuki wants to bring this message closer to customers. Clover has used many online channels to promote the image of “XL7 – All New”. Clover makes links with reputable Oto newspapers, Groups, and Fanpages: VnExpress, Otofun,, AutoPro, Choxe, … with more than 34 articles of Pr. In addition, Clover also contacted TVC channels such as: VTV3, HTV7, etc., combined with Hot Youtubers with car expertise to introduce Suzuki XL7 cars to help customers have an overview of XL7. Clover focuses on impressing customers on the image of the improved Suzuki XL7 series with many amenities and versatility, suitable for traveling when going to work and going out.

Marketing chanel: Hot Youtuber, Community page, TVC,…

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