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Asia is currently among the top global growth in the beauty industry, although its size is still modest compared to the European region. Particularly in Vietnam, in recent years, beauty salons have sprung up massively, along with income as well as increased beauty consciousness (the rate of dissatisfaction with appearance is over 50% of the population).

Statistics show that with 90% of beauty salon owners coming from highly specialized individuals, there is an invisible “expert trap” in the profession. It means that most of the bosses in the beauty industry in Vietnam come from the background of experts, cosmetologists, etc. These people will at some point open their own cosmetic brand and stand up and promote yourself. The reputation of the brand is directly proportional to the doctor’s popularity in the industry.

The problem arises, when a doctor and business owner is caught up in professional work, leading to other activities such as MKT, customer care, business … being distracted. Without a strong team behind or a reputable cooperation unit will sometimes lead to the failure of a brand.
Thanh Van Hospital was once a very famous name in the world and was known as the leader in the field of cosmetology in Vietnam. However, the appearance of domestic and foreign competitors in Vietnam makes Thanh Van Hospital “exhausted” and struggling in the “expert trap”.

Realizing the problem, Thanh Van Hospital chose Clover as a partner in communication campaigns to promote and reposition the brand. After the success of Thanh Van Hospital’s 2017 rebranding campaign, Clover continued to become the unit “chosen to send gold” by Thanh Van Hospital to continue the journey to promote sales, increase sales, and boost sales. revenue at the end of 2019.
At the end of the year, the time of fiercest competition in the beauty industry because the demand for beauty increases. This is the time when women start beautifying and refurbishing themselves after a long year of hard work, taking care of their husbands and children. This requires Clover to be constantly creative in communication strategies, organize customer appreciation programs on many platforms to understand customer needs and tastes, and effectively overcome competitors.

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