Trung Nguyen launches Trung Nguyen Legend gift set with Slogan “PRESENTATION – ASPIRATION – CHANGE YOUR LIFE” for the young generation on the occasion of Tet 2021

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Trung Nguyen, a famous Vietnamese coffee brand at home and abroad. Referring to Trung Nguyen, you will immediately remember “Ban Me coffee” with the typical flavor of the Central Highlands mountains and forests mixed with the wind of the fertile Basalt red land. Trung Nguyen Coffee is both luxurious and intimate with a unique style that only Trung Nguyen has. The taste of Trung Nguyen coffee is the pride of the nation. As the No. 1 brand in Vietnam, sobbing the hearts of expatriates and blowing a new breath into the world coffee culture.

In 2020, the whole world faces many challenges due to the sweeping effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including Vietnam. People care a lot about health, society, economy,.. But there is one big problem we forget: It is the young generation (Gen Z).
Gen Z is known worldwide as the “Anxious Generation”. Because young people of Gen Z have to face a lot of pressure such as exams, work, expectations, etc. They have to race with the development speed of the times. They yearn to show off their talents, crave recognition, and for that reason, they set fairly high goals for themselves and strive to achieve it. Because they always try but sometimes do not achieve the expected results, they gradually lose faith in themselves, lose faith in the future. Seeing the successes of those who came before them, they became more and more depressed, withdrew and chose to give up and let life go.

For that reason, on the occasion of Tet 2021, Trung Nguyen has launched a gift set COMMITMENT – ASPIRATION – CHANGE YOUR LIFE in order to lift up the spirit, give encouragement, give strength and confidence in the future to the young generation of Vietnam.
Clover took the image of King Napoleon riding his horse across the Alps with his army at the Col du Grand-Saint-Bernad on May 21, 1800. With admiration for the great emperor, Jacques-Louis David painted the image of a hero rising to glory in the midst of a storm. The Napoleon in the painting seems to be turning to the audience with a victor’s haughty look pointing in the next direction.

The spirit that Trung Nguyen wants to send to gen Z. Try to be like the spirit of the talented Napoleon, don’t give up, don’t surrender to fate, fight and become the TOP. Be awake, committed and aspirational. Just do that and you will succeed!

2020 with the rise of Rap music by the new music taste of the young generation. The next publication by Clover uses the image of artist Wowy, who is known as the “old man” of the Vietnamese rap village with the desire to be closer to Gen Z and give a message to them. Trung Nguyen hopes that Gen Z people understand that: Trung Nguyen always cares about you, follows you, understands you and is by your side. “Join us in your commitment, ambition, change your life and change this world for the better!”

MKT Chanel: campaign to promote Trung Nguyen’s gift set by Clover on channels: Kols, Hot Youtuber, Tiktoker, PR Facebook, Community Page, Natives Ads, Landing Page.

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