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Zago is a brand founded in 2005 in Annecy, France and has many factories in Vietnam, China, India and Indonesia. Currently, Zago has showroom system in France, Philippines, Vietnam (District 2 and District 7, Ho Chi Minh City). With a mission to provide furniture with high quality, stylish and elegant design, inspired by the surrounding nature. The Zago brand was born of three brothers with a strong passion for natural materials and authentic design. Through its ancestry as an artisan and love of handicrafts, Zago has continued to grow into the dynamic, creative and passionate brand it is today.

More than just a selling point, Zago also claims to be an innovator. Always striving for perfection, the brand controls the entire chain of its furniture business, from design to production and distribution. Driven by this passion for creating beautiful things, Zago’s desire is to highlight natural materials through his collections. Oak, teak, concrete, metal or copper are used in the products to create a unique result.

The goal of the Marketing campaign is to increase Zago’s brand awareness in the Vietnamese market. Accelerate the consumption of products in the store.
The furniture products from the Zago brand have a minimalist design, simple colors and a lot of focus on product quality. Zago targets customers in the high-end high-income segment.

Clover planned to build and implement a Marketing strategy that suits Zago’s style and achieves the above goals.
RESULTS: Right after the end of the campaign, Zago opened a second showroom in District 7 with a growing number of fans and loyal customers day by day. Revenue increased more than 60% than expected in the first 3 months of the year.

Marketing channel: Renovating website into e-commerce, Fanpage, SEM

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