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Digital marketing isn’t just about driving as much traffic as possible to your website, it’s about maximizing your website’s conversion rate. It is more cost-effective to use conversion rate optimization to increase sales rather than spending money to get more website traffic. There are many different tactics to generate more and more conversions. change the better. In this article, let’s take a look at 6 conversion optimization strategies that will help increase conversion rates on your website.

What is conversion rate optimization?

conversion rate optimization
Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your website to increase the percentage of users that take a desired action (such as making a purchase or responding to a call to action) on your website. e-commerce website.

Conversion optimization can mean improving any aspect of your website, from copy and offers to navigation and your site structure. You don’t have to change everything right away, but you do need to make small adjustments that can make a big difference.

CRO means you get the most out of your existing traffic by making sure as many website visitors move through your conversion funnel as possible.

The benefits of conversion rate optimization

If you don’t use conversion rate optimization, you may miss out on quite a few monetization opportunities. That’s because each visitor to your website represents an opportunity not only to make a sale but to acquire a customer for life.

As such, the most significant benefit of conversion rate optimization is generating more paying customers from the same pool of incoming traffic.

When your optimization efforts can create a conversion funnel that leads to a higher average conversion rate, you’ll also see a higher ROI and lower customer acquisition costs. That’s because your digital marketing costs will be lower for each conversion you make.

After all, you’re not just trying to get users to view your sites, you’re trying to drive those site visitors toward something specific, whether it’s sales or posting. sign email.

What is the best way to optimize conversion rates?

There is a lot of advice that conversion rate optimization focuses on short-term tactics to sell quickly. This includes steps like increasing urgency and scarcity by displaying limited-time fake offers.

However, these types of website elements come with a price: shoppers may feel that they are manipulating, which can affect the user experience.

Luckily, there’s a better way for both you and your customers: website personalization. Using website personalization, you’ll increase your conversion rates and sales, and retain more customers. And your customers won’t be upset, instead, they’ll be satisfied with a smooth user experience.

The most successful e-commerce stores like Amazon seem to remember everything about each of their shoppers, which allows them to deliver a shopping experience that’s tailored to each individual.

When you personalize the experience for all your website visitors based on their needs and interests, you get them to the products and content they want to see faster. Customers appreciate this increased convenience and appreciate it when they feel they are in control of their online experience.

It’s about showing people what they’re interested in without making them search. Instead of driving shoppers towards conversion above all else, successful online marketing requires a long-term, customer-centric approach.

6 conversion rate optimization ways that won’t ruin the user experience
1. Recommend related products in blog posts

People have limited time and attention, so when website visitors are actively reading about a topic on your blog, they will probably also be interested in products related to the topic. there.

Whenever your blog posts mention your products or services, you should spice things up a bit by embedding product recommendations in the article. This will help your content marketing by increasing conversions and bringing in more revenue.

This is an example of a SmoothieBox blog post that recommends products related to diet and weight loss products.

conversion rate optimization
Optimize conversion rates by recommending related products

2. Help your visitors find the right product

Personalized messages are a great way to start a dialogue with your customers. And making sure your customers feel like real people, not anonymous traffic, is an important part of conversion rate optimization. But to do that, you need to know your customers on a personal level. Just asking a simple question is one of the best ways to find out what type of product someone is interested in.

See how eyewear brand Christopher Cloos asks their visitors in a very simple way what they are interested in. Their 15% off offer helps convince site visitors to answer the question and take this important first step.

conversion rate optimization
Optimize conversion rates by asking visitors what interests them.

Once someone has selected one of the options, they need to enter their email address to receive the discount.

conversion rate optimization
Customers enter their email to receive discount

And finally, the final stage of the pop-up contains recommendations relevant to what the customer said they were looking for. If they select sunglasses on the first page of the pop-up, they’ll see the sunglasses and a link to the product pages.

conversion rate optimization
Pop-ups containing recommendations related to what customers search for

3. Show the most popular products in each category

When one of your target audience is browsing one of your category pages, they are probably actively looking for a product to buy. That’s because they already know the type of product that will solve their problem and are now weighing their options. At this point, your goal is to help them find the best product for them as quickly and easily as possible.

One way to do this is to display the “most popular” or “trending” products in a category that interests them. This method will help convince your visitors that they have found the right product for them, especially if it is backed up by customer testimonials.

conversion rate optimization
Show popular products

4. Remind guests to go back to where they left off

The general theme of these conversion rate optimization tips is that the more convenient you create a shopping experience for your customers, the higher your conversion rate will be. Try to greet your returning visitors with a message like the one below:

conversion rate optimization
Remind customers to come back

This helps them get up to speed with where they were before, making it easier to continue the shopping experience.

5. Promote special offers to cart abandoners

Potential customers who abandon their shopping cart go even further in the conversion funnel than those who view the category page. This is the perfect time to give them an irresistible special offer, as they may need one last push to complete their purchase. Exit intent popups, which appear when user behavior indicates someone is about to leave the site, are the best way to prevent cart abandoners.

15% off for customers who complete their order within the next 15 minutes, which is a strong incentive to buy now instead of later. Whenever potential customers delay their purchase, some will never come back again, which reduces your conversion rate greatly.

conversion rate optimization
Promote special offers for cart abandoners

6. Use a dynamic free shipping bar to increase the average order value

Flexible free shipping bars motivate customers to complete their orders (and spend more) using free shipping as an incentive.

When website visitors add an item to their cart, a free shipping bar will appear and show exactly how much they have to spend extra to qualify for free shipping.

Example: If your free shipping threshold is VND 400,000 and a visitor adds an item worth 350,000 to their cart, the shipping bar will show “Add an item from 50,000 to the cart to get free shipping.” Free delivery!”

This is a great conversion rate optimization tactic as it also tends to increase your average order value, which leads to even more sales.

Conversion rate optimization is simply trying to increase conversions whenever possible, making sure you don’t lose potential customers that you could easily sell to. You should explore your website’s quantitative and qualitative data by checking your Google Analytics account and running surveys to find out what parts of your customer journey can be improved by using Conversion rate optimization.

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