Evaluating Marketing Performance

“if we do not change our direction,we are likely to end up where we are headed”

Philip Kotler

What makes an effective marketing campaign?

After marketing campaigns, Clover will help businesses review and evaluate campaigns with effective and optimal methods.

Business’s marketing efforts are related to the success of that business’s brand. The message, which the business is conveying and the way it is being carried out, is effective.

Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns would answer the question of whether a business should improve its marketing campaigns or proceed to adapt them in the future, even excluding them from its inbound marketing plan next year.

Bot traffic – duplicate users What element achieves real results?

With the crisis of bot traffic and duplicate users, Clover understands how to evaluate the effectiveness of a business marketing campaign to optimize costs, save time and ensure accuracy.
Marketing has become a great tool to increase brand awareness and sales effectiveness. Therefore, marketing activities are continuously reviewed, evaluated, and adjusted to suit the demand for both businesses and consumers.

However, huge numbers of reach and engagement after each campaign do not mean that the business’s marketing campaign is successful in reaching its target audience.

  • Make a detailed monitoring and evaluation plan for the channels and collected data.
  • Conduct a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the data based on “real” evaluation criteria coefficients, built by a team with expertise and experience in planning, managing, and implementing campaign results.
  • Determine campaign effectiveness, report funnels, offer conversion recommendations and solutions and shape your future marketing strategy towards long-term success coupled with real-world performance.

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