Industrial Characteristics

“the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”

Michael Porter

Industry characteristics help identify potential returns. For example, an industry that is losing its monopolistic competitive advantage in technology development, will not provide an attractive investment prospect. Competitive product differentiation between enterprises determines both the depth and breadth of the industry as a whole, the less product differentiation puts the risk of firms falling into price wars to attract customers.
To compete effectively, the business must keep four basic levels of thinking, known as the 4 Cs of market positioning. Consideration must be given to consumer characteristics, systems, and competition, including its characteristics as a business. Business pioneers innovating technology, the more able to control costs and deliver products to customers at the prices they want.

Breaking down barriers to be a pioneer to success

Each industry has its characteristics, which require enterprises to join, to survive, and develop, it is impossible not to carry out activities that aimed at deconstructing the industry characteristics.
Industry characteristic unraveling is carried out from business strategy and policy to marketing and communication strategy, forming a unified campaign because each industry will have different barriers such as technical requirements, human resources, cash flow, legal, as well as the unique characteristics of customers’ consumption habits and trends.

Why do we need to unravel the industry characteristics?

Clover will help businesses find out and unravel the difficulties caused by the industry characteristics, then devise strategies to achieve success for businesses.

If aviation and transportation are subject to fierce competition with fluctuations in fuel prices, scarcity of qualified personnel, changing customer preferences and loyalty, businesses in the health department such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and beauty products, in addition to very strict licensing requirements, and highly trained staff, they face even more difficult to implement their media campaigns, especially on digital platforms such as Google Adwords, stemming from user protection policies and restrictions on advertising content containing words such as “cancer”, “aids”, “100% cure”,… This requires businesses in this field to find a new direction for their business strategy and especially marketing strategy, to unravel the difficulties brought by the industry characteristics, thus opens the door to success for the business.

Our solutions

The Clover team provides customers with fast, decisive solutions in the process of planning business strategies.
With our deep expertise and rich database analysis and aggregation, we will give our customers a more detailed insight into the competition and successful paths of their competitors. thereby finding new directions, leading customers to the leading path quickly.

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