Marketing strategy

“success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. you might know how to read, but more importantly, what’s your plan to read?”’

Jim Rohn

Marketing Strategy of Products / Services

Many marketing experts say that one of the most unfavorable competitive situations for most businesses is to launch a product or service late, while other competitors are already dominating the market. The riskiest thing is that firms are so focused on designing and manufacturing new products to an extent that they delay marketing plans for that product.

The mistakes in Marketing Strategy of Products / Services :

Những sai lầm trong chiến lược Marketing sản phẩm/ dịch vụ

1. Cannot promote growth.2. The product is not qualified enough to hit the market.

3. The product has not really attracted consumers

4. The business has not yet realized the importance of educating users about a new product.5. Businesses have not found a market for their breakthrough product lines


Big companies are certain about how to launch a product. Besides, businesses are also flexible in change – to make a big directional renovation based on consumers’ feedback.
Product launches are crucial moments. When a new product hits the market, businesses will immediately receive feedback on the success or shortcomings of the consumer. It doesn’t matter whether the feedback is positive or negative, businesses have to deal with the fact that: The company must change.

A good strategy is always a good investment put the product on the right market roadmap

Clover team always supports businesses to come up with strategies to help the company’s efforts to commercialize products/services achieve great success.

Eliminate stagnation completely by:

1. Identifying the 5W’s and developing specific action strategy based on the 4P’s analysis.

2. Defining customer personas, trigger behavioral changes, and bring the product to the value they want.

3. Designing and implementing product positioning strategies, market penetration strategies for products. Identifying market entry points where customers are easily accessible, providing channels for deployment and ad recommendations, and increasing exposure to your target audience. Converting revenue, establishing optimal efficiency, and building a foundation ready for the top spot.

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