Measurement methods

“all we need is people who will give us feedback. that’s how we improve .”

Bill Gates

Campaign measurements – The data speaks for itself

Clover coordinates all highly qualified human resources to ensure a successful marketing campaign right from the planning stage to the measurement and evaluation of the effectiveness of implementation.

The data indicates whether or not your marketing campaign has been successful. Besides, it will also allow businesses to assess if continuing with the campaign is worth the cost.

Profit is always a big concern when it comes to marketing or any other business expenses. Measuring the amount spent per campaign with the corresponding revenue, businesses can have an overall measurement to know exactly which campaigns are successful and which failed.

Solution to measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategy

At Clover, we use numerous processes for collecting and analyzing data, measuring success, and identifying opportunities for improvement. By setting:

  • Specific goals and parameters for the campaign.
  • Manage timeline and action plan.
  • Identify variables to measure efficiency, consistent with industry characteristics, deployment channels, and fields of operation.
  • Conducting surveys, measuring, providing records to evaluate the success of the campaign through 3 evaluation methods based on financial indicators, media tools, and customer surveys.

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