Positioning strategies

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion”

Les Brown

As a company, business owner, and CEO, you can choose to target the market on purpose, or opt-out and let things go naturally. But one way or another, as long as your brand exists, your brand will be positioned in the market. It’s wrong if you don’t control your brand, because you can beat your competition based on brand positioning.

Why business positioning is a must?

Determine the right position to increase value

The earlier you position your business, the better it will grow.

Each company can choose to position the business on purpose, or not to locate and let things go naturally. As long as the business exists, the company’s brand will still be positioned in the market. It would be a mistake if the business does not control the company’s brand, because competitors can beat the business based on brand positioning factors.

Besides, when the business has a certain position in the market, it will be difficult to reposition it without affecting the prestige of the brand. Therefore, a solid corporate positioning strategy is very important to a company’s “vitality” and longevity.

Positioning strategy

In the battle to win over customers’ behavior, a successful positioning strategy is when the customers are aware of your brand, helping them see the difference between your brand and the rest of the brands on the market. From there, customers will prioritize your brand in their minds and drive their buying decision.

* When the family budget is tightened, Big C implements its brand positioning strategy and launches a media campaign: “Cheap price for every household”. The message highlights Big C’s commitment to users with a promise: “We will provide products with the lowest prices.”

The power of the “Cheap for every household” positioning not only reinforced Big C’s price leadership but also put customers at the center, giving customers a satisfying experience. A little fun when shopping through the understanding: “family budget is very tight”.
Along with that, Promotion activities combining with Trade Marketing, in large-scale promotions “Cheap prices ever” with about 20 essential items, weekly and monthly discounts of up to 50 %, has been well-received by customers. Big C strengthens its positioning strategy with the final activity of expanding services, catering toward perfection, controlling product quality at supermarkets, and enhancing cooperation with suppliers to develop more clean products, not just stop at the “cheap price” criterion. With the right positioning strategy, customer understanding and effective multi-channel communication, Big C has become a familiar destination for every family with the image of a supermarket providing cheap, quality products, and convenient and economical services for customers.

Develop positioning strategy

Clover understands that: to go have a prolonged journey, one must have a solid step right from the very beginning. We will help businesses have the right communication strategies to build a strong foundation and launch further in the future.
In global competition, a properly positioned brand is not only the key to success but also shapes your corporate identity in the minds of your customers. The Clover team undergoes meticulous and careful research, devises and develops a positioning strategy to create a business story, identifies and adjusts strategy that matches with communication activities to create a unique mark, but still not separate from the core values of the business. From there, connecting the community with the brand in the most comprehensive and meaningful ways.

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