Promotion Mix

“marketing management is the art and science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping, and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value.”

Philip Kotler

Promotion Mix- Effective and pro-active marketing

Promotion Mix are designed to reach your business’s target audience with its benefits, features, and product/service values, to help differentiate your business from competitors and drive sales.

We conduct in-depth consumer behavior research with the sole purpose of making the business better, with care plans and craftsmanship.
There is no way a business can survive without knowing how its customers are spending money. In that sense, catching up with the trend and taking advantage of it becomes one of the problems businesses face when building and implementing a marketing strategy.

Breakthrough promotion mix strategy- think outside of the box, strong branding

Clover understands what your business customers want – the best way to increase sales and also ensure consumer satisfaction.
With careful and meticulous plans, we effectively combine the 5 core elements of the Promotion Mix and rationally use additional tools.

Clover provides many solutions such as:

  • Communication and crisis management, implementing public relations (PR) activities.
  • Provide solutions and promote sales, stimulate demand, increase consumption.
  • Provide a comprehensive, multidimensional strategy, reach customers on multiple channels, achieve revenue goals in the short and long term.

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