Clover provides managers with a comprehensive overview of their business, the market, and the business sector, from which strategies and implementation can bring differentiation to the brand in the market.
A great vision combined with a solid growth strategy achieves success only when the business has the ability to execute it.


New product strategy and deployment

New product launches are important for every business, including regular product launches. Developing a product launch strategy requires knowledge of your target audience, the next channel is whether the business is bringing a new product to market or implementing an annual marketing plan. The market strategy will determine how businesses would approach the market. It includes a detailed plan where tasks are assigned to each response unit with a specific timeline to achieve the strategic goal and increase the market share. The biggest challenge is making the plans and programs simple and manageable.

implementation of marketing strategy

Executing a marketing strategy requires tactics that are consistent with business growth strategies. One of the things that makes Clover so unique among strategic marketing consulting firms is our direct implementation of the programs we recommend.

We help businesses thrive by implementing outstanding business plan marketing strategies.
In a world of tight budgets, markets change and competitors are nimble. With the strategies coming from Clover’s in-depth analysis, it will help businesses to be ready to organize, execute, improve sales efficiency and accelerate market penetration.

deployment direction

Transforming Model 4P- 4C

Transforming Model 4P- 4C

Four basic and common factors when businesses build marketing strategies: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. However, businesses nowadays need to understand that a 4P marketing strategy does not necessarily associate with C – Customer, with the customer as the center of every strategy and implementation orientation

Promotion Mix

Promotion Mix

Promotion Mix 4-element promotion mix (Advertising, Promotion, Selling, PR) is designed to reach the brand’s target audience with the benefits, features, and value of products/services, to help differentiate the brand from competitors and boost sales.

market/ Insight

Building a business