Industry analysis


With experience spanning many different fields and business development challenges, the Clover team has unique perspectives and points of view on each customer’s problems. We help businesses see from different perspectives, thereby discovering many unknown opportunities and achieving better results than the current results.


Make timely strategic decisions

Identifying and analyzing reports centralizing data from every aspect of the business by industry, such as reporting ROI for single products/services or product lines in the industry’s market, helps level Timely management make strategic decisions such as, which products should promote and which should be discarded.

Clarify positioning strategy

Capturing competitive positions between businesses and competitors in the industry opens up strategic opportunities and sees weaknesses and strengths to overcome and grow.

Follow up with marketing initiatives

Keeping track of marketing and sales activities in the industry market helps businesses build predictive and timely participation activities based on brand standards.

Manage advertising activities in the industry market

Understanding how advertising channels work and how competitors execute advertising in the industry through traditional and digital media channels.

Clover’s strategic marketing consultants shape customer needs, thereby identifying essential marketing requirements, and responding to the requirements of the target customer segment. Therefore, business efficiency improved, as evidenced by the increase in sales, efficiency, and profitability of our customers.

Why choose Clover:
The results can be achieved:


Focusing on building marketing goals, strategies and plans


*Leading marketing consultant with proven results


Satisfying marketing consulting services, from branding strategies to developing and implementing strategic marketing plans.


Strategic consulting team with experience and understanding of business strategy, market research and agency skills


Bringing complete marketing consulting solution, offline integrating and digital marketing


Implementing the ideas according to the goal of building positioning and developing brand image


Building internal brand vision, focusing on customers as a guideline of the organization


Developing brand identity, which includes conceptualization, perfection of product and image designs in accordance with the brand strategy


Setting up optimal brand positioning helps maximize the target relevance and strategy of differentiating competition

market/ Insight

Building a business