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In a world where all brands and businesses are vying for the attention of consumers, some businesses find it difficult to maintain their success in this competition. In this article, we will give you an idea of ​​why e-commerce remarketing is considered one of the most important tools you will need in your marketing strategy. Did you know that only 3% are likely to purchase from an eCommerce site on first visit? That’s what remarketing is all about, attracting 97% of your customers to buy your product. Continue reading the following article to learn what is remarketing. How it works and the best remarketing strategies.

What is e-commerce remarketing and how does it work?

E-commerce remarketing is an online marketing technique that impacts and drives online shoppers to visit your website again to complete a purchase they started but have not yet paid for. So basically it happens when the online shopper abandons their shopping cart and this is considered a responsive marketing technique that works based on enforcing a certain response from the consumer. .

E-commerce remarketing uses tactics like pop-up boxes that ask shoppers if they are sure to leave a website before completing a purchase or payment. Cart abandonment in online stores usually takes place right before checkout. When this happens, you can still follow up through automated email marketing.

The primary goal of e- commerce remarketing is to turn shoppers who abandon their carts into actual buyers. It’s important to note that e-commerce remarketing is most effective when there’s no time between a consumer’s cart abandonment and your marketing activities and reminders.

You can depend on behavioral email marketing and web analytics to track and analyze the online shopping behavior of your consumers or potential consumers.

Communicate with your audience that has shown interest in your brand and encourage them to take the desired action by purchasing your products online.

What is the difference between Remarketing & Retargeting?

Ecommerce Remarketing
The Difference Between Ecommerce Remarketing and Retargeting

Retargeting and e-commerce remarketing are both used for lead generation or sales and they are quite similar. Most people can get confused between the two. However, they have core differences:

Retargeting is targeting a wide range of potential customers. This feature mainly works with ads like online placements or display ads that target customers who have visited your website but haven’t completed a purchase. their.

The focus here is on paid advertising. These ads target customers when they leave the website. Ads are made by third parties, such as Google or Facebook. Retargeting campaigns almost always lead to higher engagement and “conversions” rates than non-retargeting campaigns.

E-commerce remarketing is targeting individuals who have previously shown interest in your brand by re-engaging them through the use of email marketing to facilitate upselling or reduce the abandonment of the solder basket. Remarketing can also be thought of as reminding your customers to buy products they have interacted with using information about their purchase history. The focus here is on email campaigns.

However, they both share the same goal, which is to increase conversions.

Why is E-commerce Remarketing Important?

The consumer journey can take some time. Shoppers may not complete the entire shopping cycle at once, and your potential customers may take a while to consider your brand and products. They can check out competitor websites or read other customer reviews. Therefore, you must remind them of your brand! E-commerce remarketing is important for your audience to make the desired purchase decision.

Here are some reasons why it is important for your eCommerce brand:

Spread awareness and exposure of your brand

E-commerce remarketing can also help increase brand awareness, consideration, and loyalty. It helps you reach new and potential customers, as well as help existing customers remember your brand. You can use remarketing to attract new audiences or remind existing audiences of what you can offer.

Higher conversion rate

Research shows that online shoppers who return to your website through remarketing emails tend to convert more than those who visit your website for the first time. Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to reach shoppers who have left your website before making a purchase and has been proven to help increase your conversion rates. Remarketing drives your potential shoppers to revisit your website and complete their purchases.

Increase CTR

Did you know that the average CTR for display ads is 0.07%, and remarketing ads can improve your CTR by about 0.7% ? This can have a huge impact on your sales and leads. People who have visited your website before are more likely to click your ad when they see it.

Reach the exact relevant audience

Remarketing helps you reach an audience already interested in your brand and products, as well as people who have visited your website and searched for what you’re selling. There’s no better way to target than to reach out to interested people.

Timing is everything

Remarketing provides the perfect time to reach your audience. Remarketing helps you reach exactly the people who have shown they need your product at the right time while they may still be considering buying from your brand. This can lead to great and quick results and other marketing activities.

No need to worry about cart abandonment

This is the main and most important benefit of remarketing. It reduces shopping cart abandonment, which is a common cause of reduced conversions on your website. Sending them an email as soon as they leave your site is a great way to remind and influence them to complete their purchase.

There are Upsell & Cross-sell opportunities

E-commerce remarketing
E-commerce remarketing creates opportunities for upselling and cross-selling

Remarketing gives you the opportunity to communicate with your audience, which is a great way to  upsell or cross-sell  your products. You can always recommend other related products to your audience in the same category, at the same price or higher. You can also use cross-selling with the person who has already purchased the product because they have built trust in your brand and may be more willing to buy other related items.

Save your money, save your time

Remarketing is a cost effective marketing technique. You can cut costs by doing email marketing next. You can also save time and money only following up with interested customers.

3 ways to be successful in your ecommerce remarketing

Ecommerce Remarketing
Ecommerce Remarketing Strategy

Maximize your ecommerce marketing results and double your ROI with these tips and tricks:

Create relevant, engaging personalized messages

People love to feel that they are receiving personalized and customized messages. Your message needs to answer this question of the customer: “What do I get in it?”. Focus on customer problems. Write compelling headlines and descriptions.

This will get your audience to continue their shopping journey to checkout. Moreover, it will help increase email open rate. Try adding user-generated content , such as product reviews written by other customers, which can build trust and increase sales.

Always segment your audience

Customer segmentation helps you segment your audience, thereby personalizing messages to them later in remarketing campaigns. Therefore, you need to define each group and classify the audience according to many aspects such as: demographics, buying behavior and campaign engagement. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to where your audience is in the customer journey .

Use a compelling CTA

Adding a powerful call-to-action (CTA) button in your campaign will influence customers to take the desired action and return to your website to purchase the product they left off. Create a sense of urgency. Keep your copy short, concise, and persuasive. And always use captivating designs, eye-catching colors, and images that match your brand.

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